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At LCI we provide an extensive range of Saville WAVE Psychometric assessments which are geared to assist in both your professional and personal development. By their design these tools help determine your preferred work style and aptitude to perform your targeted/ preferred job or role, in a wide range of possible scenarios.

In the area of employment and career development psychometric tools help us evaluate candidates' potential, core strengths as well as highlights those competencies that may require further development.

WAVE Professional Styles assessments are credited with assisting you to:

  • understand your motives, preferences, needs and talents in a work context
  • find ways to make better use of your preferred working style in your current job role, or identify future job roles, environments and cultures suited to your style
  • increase your awareness of how your work style impacts on your experiences at work
  • understand the motives, preferences, needs and talents of your employees and applicants
  • place individuals in positions best suited to their style and the organisation’s style
  • identify areas where individuals might benefit from further training and development


  • reduce bias and subjectivity of the personal perspective
  • increase the likelihood of being able to predict future job performance due to high predictive validity
  • encourage employers to do thorough job analysis in order to identify appropriate skills and abilities. This helps to ensure that candidates for a position are assessed on skills only relevant to the job

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