Financial Services

First Caribbean International Bank

2016/2017 Learning and Development

LCI expertly designed, developed, and delivered a 6-month curated Learning & Development programme across 7 cohorts, to Senior leaders at First Caribbean International Bank. Facilitated by by LCI’s Managing Director, Marsha Lewis; these sessions included content by Harvard Manage Mentor program, as welll as various customised assessments, projects and case studies. The world class materials and delivery was designed to equip First Caribbean’s Senior Leadership team with essential skills to deliver exceptional leadership.

Location: Caribbean Regional

Republic Bank EC IT Conversion Change Management

2020 Change Management

LCI provided specialist Change Management advisory services to Republic Bank Eastern Caribbean during their transition towards the implementation of Phoenix as its core banking application. LCI’s expertise was welcomed and well utilised in the behavioural and communications components of this change, as well as on system and process components when required. During this engagement, LCI administered a Change Impact Analysis and crafted a change management plan with the project team, created a Stakeholder Heat Map, and established the engagement strategy.

Location: OECS

Cave Shepherd Group Strategy

2021 Strategic Plan Development Session

LCI successfully led business planning sessions with Cave Shepherd Group to facilitate meaningful and provocative conversations pertaining to the future business model of the brand, emerging opportunities, and strategic priorities. LCI chaired these discussions driving towards a strategic outcome, to ultimately create an action plan incorporating the inputs and feedback from participants and key stakeholders. Following the planning session, LCI presented the Final Strategic Retreat output.

Location: Barbados

ANSA Bank Change Management

2023 Cultural Integration/Change Management

In 2023, LCI expertly provided Change Management services to  ANSA Bank Ltd. In the transition towards their One Bank mandate. This mandate required the blending of two independent company cultures; hence the decision to invite independent change management practitioners, to ensure it ran smoothly. During this engagement, LCI developed and oversaw the implementation of Change Management plans, worked with the Senior Leadership team to articulate the vision for One Bank to its stakeholders, while training the team in conflict and resistance management.

Location: Trinidad and Tobago