What We Do

LCI offers a wide range of Business and HR advisory services providing our clients with customised solutions that will improve their outcomes.

Our experienced team of consultants provide expert guidance on a variety of Leadership, Change and HR subjects including labour and industrial relation matters, recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, talent management, technology and data solutions for HR, and more industry best practices.

Organizational Transformation

Achieving and sustaining high level organisational performance requires keeping ahead of a myriad of technology and other external changes. These changes are no longer occurring singularly or at a comfortable pace but are creating continuous perfect storm conditions as the new normal. LCI’s supports clients building their ability to navigate and drive using Project Management, Change Management and Digital and Organisational Transformation to achieve strategic objectives. At LCI we believe that in order for an organisation to thrive, its leadership and its members must internalise and leverage transformation and change management competencies as a key organisational advantage.

Workforce Optimization

Success, for organisations, is built on a strategic combination of the right people and fit-for-purpose and updated policies, business processes and data management and analysis. LCI takes a systems approach to Workforce Optimisation where the thoughtfully designed interactions between the organisational strategy, culture, finance, and policy and regulatory environment, ignites and delivers sustainable peak performance from individuals and teams.

Talent Management

The burden of engaging the wrong candidate can cost an organisation up to 75% of the annual compensation for the position. LCI applies appropriate tools, including psychometric assessments, to ensure that organisations hire right the first time and assuring retention and development throughout the employee’s career lifecycle. At LCI we can proudly report a success rate in the top 15th percentile in this area.


Learning & Development

To thrive in our turbulent environment, organisations and their people must continually adapt, learn, update and enhance their skills to remain agile and ahead in their industry. LCI offers a wide range of programmes and works closely with our clients, building on a core foundation of technical knowledge and human behaviour to develop innovative and purpose directed training.