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Business & HR Advisory Services

At LCI we offer a wide range of Business and HR advisory services  which provides our clients with customised solutions that will improve the overall effectiveness of their HR function. Our experienced team of consultants provide guidance on a variety of HR subjects including advice on labour legislation and industrial relation matters, recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, talent management, technological solutions for the HR function, along with other forms of transformative advice which fall within the best practices of the industry.

We pride ourselves on offering quality and timely service and are committed to ensuring we understand our clients’ needs so that we can provide the best customised solutions for you or your business.

Labour & Employee Relations

In the Caribbean environment, there is an ever changing labour landscape and with it the introduction of new labour legislation.

As a result there is a consistent need for proper advisement and assistance on the management of these changes as clients face increasing scrutiny from both governments and labour unions on employment issues.

LCI can help you by providing advice on employee/employment contracts, grievance and disciplinary procedures, terminations, conditions of service, training needs, trade union activities, compensation and performance of employees.

Compensation & Benefits

As Organisations’ strive to find the right balance of managing operational costs while striving to  meet their employees’ diverse needs, the area of compensation, benefits and rewards has become increasingly customised and flexible.

LCI assists clients in identifying and developing the most meaningful and viable options in this area by conducting extensive market research to ensure the company’s bottom line is accurately managed and a satisfactory solution is reached for all parties involved.

Performance Management

For an Organisation to be effective and efficient they must focus on increasing productivity and ultimately positive business results rely on performance.

Our result oriented strategies analyse performance at the individual, group and organisational levels. This leads to achieving desired results and surpassing performance expectations. LCI looks at where the organisation is currently at as compared to where the organisation wants to be, and then provides guidance on how to get there.

Skill & Competency Management and Development

By using a wide range of accredited and proven psychometric tools, LCI can identify potential competencies and skill gaps within your organisation.

Since the assessments are fully adaptable to their intended purpose, our trained psychometric assessors can create customised development plans and recommend training initiatives based on information derived from the assessment data.

Leadership Coaching

LCI’s Brand of executive coaching represents a unique combination of individual and organisational needs. Our coaching initiatives are geared towards creating purposeful, positive individual and organisational change by creating Breakthrough Performance.

What is Breakthrough Performance?

  • Articulating your personal/organisational values and visions
  • Achieving personal/organisational balance
  • Behavioural Charting (Individual and teams)

Our Coaches

Marsha Lewis
Lead Coach

Michele Estwick
Associate Coach

Kevin Chase
Associate Coach

Training & Facilitation

One major responsibility of any organisation is to ensure that its employees update their skill levels so as to remain competitive in today’s ever changing business environment.

LCI offers a wide range of programs uniquely developed to cater to your organisation's varying needs. We work closely with our clients to design a customised and purpose directed training approach.

Transformation & Change

Organisational transformation and change is often described as a critical event in an organisation’s life-cycle. At LCI we believe that in order for an organisation to not just strive, but thrive, its leadership and its members must see transformation and change as part and parcel of the organisation's fabric.

Transformation and change must become an organisational competency, one that is owned and practiced by all of its members.

Recruitment & Selection

The burden of hiring the wrong candidate can cost an organisation up to 75% of the annual compensation of that hire. LCI can provide the correct tools and filters to ensure that Organisations get it right the first time.

At LCI we employ a variety of methods (including various interviewing techniques and psychometric assessments) to assist organisations to not only select the right members of staff but to ensure the retention and development of the organisation’s resources throughout an employee's lifecycle. At LCI we can proudly report a success rate of 85% in this area.

Psychometric tests are also designed to facilitate employers and recruiters in making effective selections and development decisions which leads the company to be more successful.


Other service areas include:

  • Organisational Re-Design and Restructure
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Talent Management
  • HR Technological solutions
  • Organisational & Business Development
  • Policy Development