Utilities & Regulators

LUCELEC Leadership Coaching

2023 Executive Coaching Services

In this 6 month engagement, LCI provided executive coaching services for four members of the management team at LUCELEC, an electric utility company based in St Lucia, and considered a leading utility in the wider Caribbean. Tailored to the individual and client organisation’s needs, our coaching prioritized communication, strategic thinking, and decision making. During this engagement, LCI applied psychometric assessments using Saville’s 360 Wave Assessment to inform customised developmental plans based on clear objectives.

Location: St. Lucia

Financial Services Commission Recruitment

2023 Executive Recruitment

LCI provided executive recruitment and selection services on behalf of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) for an Information Technology Manager, to work closely with the CEO and executive team in the strategic management and development of FSC. LCI’s scope included the advertisement of the vacancy on traditional media, a targeted online search using our LinkedIn Recruiter platform, the provision of a filtered long and short list, the administration of Behavioral Event Interviews and Saville’s Professional Styles Assessment (PSA). The summary data and analysis from the filtering activities were collated in a final report with recommendations.

Location: Barbados

Bahamas WSC/ Human Capital

2023 Human Capital Strategy

The Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) required a robust human capital strategy geared towards driving a performance-based culture, to attain its primary goals articulated in its Corporate Business Plan. LCI expertly designed and developed a rigorous communications plan, and provided bespoke recommendations based on comprehensive data collection, to ensure that employees WSC and its key stakeholders became enthusiastic co-creators of the future of WSC.

Location: Bahamas

TSTT Organizational Structure in partnership with Cizmic (Project Butterfly)

Organizational Design/Human Capital Management

Project Butterfly, was an inititiave of the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) as a key part of its transformation to a more agile and robust organisation. It included prioritizing organizational realignment and implementing upgraded technology, new digital initiatives and exceptional customer service. In partnership with Cizmic Consultants, LCI provided expertise in stakeholder management to mitigate conflicts during this transition and to enable a smooth implementation with thorough data collection and action plans.

Location: Trinidad and Tobago