specialising in Human Resources Strategy toward business development

LCI has been created by Caribbean professionals who are passionate about delivering a brand of practical, transformative and proven techniques to a growing list of clients.

The consultancy is grounded by a wealth of management experience in helping businesses to grow and flourish keeping at its core, a solid recognition that people, performance and personal and business development are key to successful enterprises. By concentrating on these areas, the Barbados-based consultancy has assisted corporations and owner-led businesses align clear objectives with strategic thinking and actions to position them to excel in an increasingly competitive environment.

Our Team


At the centre is a fresh approach with fundamentally different thinking because the changing business environment demands it and because the client deserves compelling advice that puts it in a position to respond quickly and decisively to a given situation.

There is no one-size, fit-all approach with LCI Principal Marsha Lewis, with more than 18 years’ experience under her belt, is results-oriented and impassioned about driving the change that businesses need to stay ahead of their competition. Her expertise spans a number of areas including Transformation and Change, Organisational Development and Strategy, Management Training and Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Resourcing and strong Labour Management skills built into a repertoire of critical Human Resource and General Management tools especially geared toward advising clients on the best practices.

Text-book approaches are secondary to real-life, practical, unique options and LCI recognises that for businesses to flourish they must be equipped with the requisite attitudes, skills and backed by the strongest support mechanisms.

LCI specialises in Human Resources Strategy toward business development, Organisational Design and Assessments, Operations and Strategic Management and Transformations and Change management. The business is based in Barbados but with a Caribbean-wide reach and boasts an impressive cadre of dedicated, knowledgeable specialists who are all committed to providing focused and well informed advice geared at helping mostly Caribbean business to flourish in rapidly changing economic circumstances.

This energetic team’s exposure to an array of corporate management experiences is the highlight of an impressive portfolio that showcases the best mix of expertise available in the region that is further enhanced by the team’s international experience.