specialising in Human Resources Strategy toward business development

LCI has been created by Caribbean professionals who are passionate about delivering a brand of practical, transformative and proven techniques to a growing list of clients.

The consultancy is grounded by a wealth of management experience in helping businesses to grow and flourish keeping at its core, a solid recognition that people, performance and personal and business development are key to successful enterprises. By concentrating on these areas, the Barbados-based consultancy has assisted corporations and owner-led businesses align clear objectives with strategic thinking and actions to position them to excel in an increasingly competitive environment.


Vision: To be a global leader in awakening and advancing the transformation of organisations; and inspiring their people.

Mission: We enable the realisation of the strategic intent of our clients by positively impacting their people, through the provision of comprehensive management solutions. 

Core Values:

  • L – We are a learning organisation.

  • C – We care and are authentic in each interaction. We are committed to your success.

  • I – We are insightful and operate with integrity. We provide innovative solutions informed by best practices with a healthy dose of common sense.

Our Team